Thank you to all the patients that took the time and consideration to participate in our annual Patient Satisfaction Survey. We would like to share an overview of some of the topics from the survey. 

Topics from the Patient Surveys

  • Access & Availability in making appointments
  • Interpersonal skills of the LSMG (Lindsay Street Medical Group) Team
  • Continuation of Care
  • Privacy and confidentiality

Actions taken from the LSMG Team

  • LSMG have implemented an online booking system called Hot Doc that allows patients to book appointments for the convenience of not needing to call the practice, If patients prefer to call the practice one of our friendly team members are happy to assist in any booking needs.
  • LSMG Team are continually improving their knowledge and skills on a daily basis with various training aspects such as improving our Triage system, communication skills between patient and LSMG Team and regular staff meetings to discuss improvement.
  • To be able to keep the continuation of care LSMG have implemented arrangements for if clinical staff are on leave that we ensure that there is adequate clinical staff available to care for the patients needs.
  • LSMG management have created various procedures and policies to ensure that your privacy is kept to the standards recommended by AHPRA (The Medical Board of Australia).